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Mobile Phone Silicone Suction Cup In Car Phone Holder

Mobile Phone Silicone Suction Cup In Car Phone Holder

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1.Simple operation: The suction cup mobile phone holder is simple and convenient to install, just fix it on a flat surface.

2. Space saving: Compared to other phone bases, the suction cup phone holder does not need to occupy desktop space, and is installed on a flat and hard surface, effectively saving the use of space.

3. Support for multiple mobile phones: suction cup mobile phone holder supports multiple mobile phone types.

4. Stable and reliable: The suction cup phone holder is made of high-strength materials, which can withstand the weight of the phone, prevent it from shaking or falling, and ensure the safety of the phone. It only needs to be washed with water, with a stronger suction force just like new ones.

5. Portable design: The suction cup mobile phone holder is small in size, light in weight, and easy to carry. It can be placed in a pocket or bag, providing users with mobile phone support anytime and anywhere.

1.Material: Silicone
2.Category: Suction cup mobile phone holder
3.Modeling: suction cups
4.Style: Simple
5.Size: about 7cm in diameter
6.Application: On any smooth surface such as walls, tiles, tables, mirrors, glass, cabinets, car interiors, stainless steel, etc.

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