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Wireless Bluetooth Thumb Air Apple Mouse Finger Touch Mouse

Wireless Bluetooth Thumb Air Apple Mouse Finger Touch Mouse

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Mouse connection video:

1.Open the Bluetooth of mobile phone or device
2.Turn on the mouse, press and hold the mouse wheel and touch pad buttons at the same time, hold for three seconds, and the mouse enters the pairing mode
3.The Bluetooth name of the mouse is "CuiSheAZ888"
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Wireless Bluetooth Thumb Air apple Mouse Finger Touch Remote Rechargeable Mause Computer Palm Mice For Tablet TV PC Android IOS

Type:Bluetooth wireless remote control finger mouse

Material: ABS


Product Size: 95*40*30mm

Net weight: 20g

Connection method: Bluetooth 5.0

Working method: photoelectric

Transmission distance: 10m

Working hours:24h

Charging time:1.5h

100% brand new and high quality.

It is a wireless Bluetooth mouse that delivers a better mix of precision and comfort.

Ergonomic shape conform to your hand and feel naturally comfortable.

The mouse works seamles with Bluetooth-enabled Mobile phones, tablets, computers without taking up a valuable USB port.

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